DESCRIPTION: The Olympic Place Courtyard House uses an L-shaped typology to create structure while integrating elements of its cultural context, program, and site. The L-shaped geometry of the house responds to both existing site conditions and city zoning setbacks to optimize on natural daylighting. A three-story space at the heart of the home punctuates the intersecting courtyard facing circulation. This volume is grounded by the kitchen as a gathering space and spatial organizing device. The atrium becomes a natural cooling device with operable windows above. The fireplace is another anchoring element rising from the concrete stereotomic foundation all the way to the cantilevered roof opening. The front porch is a modern reinterpretation of southern vernacular housing. Public functions are placed at courtyard level while private functions hover above to provide shading and enclosure. Native Georgia materials such as cypress, marble, and granite create a natural palette. In addition to the passive sustainable design strategies, a geothermal heating and cooling system, and solar array on the roof minimize energy use and aims at off the grid living. The clients have two children and two dogs. They are collectors of southern art.