CLIENT: Matt & Mary Jane Hojnacki
LOCATION: Roswell, Georgia, USA
SIZE: 5000 sf

DESCRIPTION: The program called for the removal of the entire house from the façade back. The new house, built on the existing footprint allowed the clients to get approval from the neighborhood review board. The only new element on the facade is the front door. The new major elements are a large living/dining/kitchen space. An atrium connects to the photo studio and gallery below, above is the new guest rooms, a master bedroom suite and a textile studio. The project refers to Southern architecture with a direct reference to Roswell's Bullock Hall. Here the American Foursquare is opened with a cross axis and large hall where the stair is placed. The new stair and atrium are a modern interpretation of this historical prototype. The glass rails allow uninterrupted views to the garden, the free-span stair appears to float in the space connecting all three levels with light and openness. As one opens the new front door and enters the foyer their is an element of surprise as the entire ceiling opens and frames the view to the rear garden space.

Most furniture and millwork is custom. Sustainable teak floors, American renewable cherry trim and cabinets. Doors are custom pocket type. Systems are unico HVAC with storefront glazing and operable sashes. Structural system is a major steel frame with Truss-joist wood infill at floors and ceilings. All existing wood materials were recycled where possible and the house is designed to take advantage of passive solar heating and cooling.

Above, in the loft, the new master bedroom suite allows for spatial compression and release. As one moves through the bedroom and dressing area the new bath is placed overlooking the garden and capturing views to the forest and sky. A new rear terrace connects the interior space with the new landscaped courtyard with spatial interpenetration and cascading planes offering diverse and unexpected views of the facade and forest.