CLIENT: David Carson and City of San Juan, Puerto Rico

DESCRIPTION: The Department of Transportation & Public Works and the Highways & Transportation Authority (DTOP and ACT by their Spanish acronyms, respectively), in charge of the Urban Train and the parcels around the train stations, have embarked on an ambitious project called Cuidad Red (Network City) that combines several of these parcels into clusters, each with its own theme and identity, to be developed according to the theme. The main principle behind Ciudad Red is by using the Urban Train; commuters can carry out 99% of their daily tasks within the corridor without having to use a car. Therefore, Ciudad Red promotes housing, office, and commercial development projects around the stations. 'What Ciudad Red does,' said Alcaraz, 'is use public investment as a catalyst for development to attract private capital into the local economy. It is an opportunity to finance the projects the government needs, but without having to put down the funds.'

The logo represents movement through a circular arrow. Its simplicity is immediately recognizable as both the brand for Ciudad Red and as a scalable, versatile icon. Blue was chosen for two reasons: (1) A disconnect between 'red' as color and 'red' as network is important considering that most Puerto Ricans have a firm grasp of English and using the color red would only serve to confuse the meaning (2) Blue is most closely associated with water, a defining trait of the island that brings positive associations to the culture. The logo can be easily recognized from a distance and can convey the basic principles of the transit system through image alone. People will easily associate the graphic with the new public transportation system.