DESCRIPTION: We recently rebranded Lightroom and published an 'opera completa' (portfolio book). We designed new business cards, t-shirts, presentation folders, letterhead, envelopes, and stationary. The entire collection requires the recipient's interaction to activate the information. For example, at first glance the business card appears blank. Then, by holding the card to the light, the information in the card is revealed. In order to achieve the desired effect, we combined (duplexed) two sheets of paper. The card's information was printed in reverse on a piece of 70lb text. This was glued to a thicker cover stock paper so that the ink was sandwiched in between the two. The combined sheets create a paper thickness close to a 130lb cover, a nice heavy weight for a business card. The folders, stationary, letterhead, and envelopes require the user to hold the pieces at an angle, which allows the sun to reflect off the surface to see the image and textual information.