Your brand is a visual representation of who you are and what you do. Lightroom would like to work with you to craft your identity. Once we have done that, we would love to design your print media—business cards, stationary, flyers, mailers, brochures, and catalogues. We have relationships with several print shops and can take you through the entire process—from concept to the press.


We can do business cards and stationAry, as well as flyers, mailers, brochures and catalogues. We have relationships with several boutique print shops and can take you through the process, from concept to the presses.



Services Identity

Logo identity, broken down into its elemental components, is found at the intersection of color, typography and image. It is within this arena that Lightroom explores and develops branding and imagery that speaks directly to your clients with a distinct and memorable impression. We help to bridge you and your audience.

The process


Phase one - Investigation

We begin with finding out who you are and what you're about. We're crafting identities here, people. Work with us. We discuss your target market, your competitors and spend a lot of time talking about your vision. Much of our work is about being a catalyst in identifying what is already naturally there.

Phase TWO - Concept

With the information you've provided us, we will begin to explore color, typography and imagery. We strategize. We prepare initial concept ideas, type selections, and color palettes in the form of moodboards for your feedback and direction.

Phase three - Development

At this point you choose the final concept, and we begin to shape it into something concrete. That something is your new identity system. We continue to refine the logo based on your feedback.

Phase four - Delivery

Once final refinements are made, the logo is made available in several digital formats to you for seen and unseen applications. We can also assist you in having business cards and stationery printed. We then generally pop open cans of Sofia Blanc de Blancs.