CLIENT: Todd Dominey
LOCATION: Oakhurst neighborhood, Atlanta, Georgia USA
SIZE: 1,000sf

DESCRIPTION: This project consists of a new exterior deck, and outdoor living room, a garden and a carport and driveway. The project blurs boundaries between Minimalist Sculpture, Landscape and Architecture, using features like an outdoor fireplace. There are abstract references to southern vernacular precedents such as shotgun houses and dogtrot houses. The split elements, the carport and the outdoor pavilion, are references to the dogtrot with southeast breezes encouraged to flow though. The existing house also has a direct view through the new structure and into the garden; which extends and expands the space. The Semperian outdoor fireplace, like Wright's Usonian "heart of the home," creates a cross reference to burned-out country houses of the Georgia countryside and defines the outdoor living room; especially on cold winter evenings when the fire roars. Careful arborist input was sought and implemented to care for the existing white oak tree. All construction process and materials choices follow the LEED process.